1st TIDES Advanced Training School, Bertinoro (Italy), 1-5 June 2015

On June 1-5, 2015, TIDES organised its first advanced training school in the hilltop town of Bertinoro, on the Apennines foothills of the Romagna region, overlooking the Po Plain to the north. At the same venue, and during the same week, the Action Management Committee and Working Groups also decided to have their meetings, in an excellent occasion for experienced and young scientists to meet and interact in a relaxed way.

Trainees, trainers, Management Committee and Working Group members — 101 people altogether (here the list of participants) — convened at the University Residential Centre in the conference facilities located in the centuries-old Bishop's Fortress and its military outpost.

The training event was devoted to understanding seismic data, processing and modelling techniques. The day program was organised in 5 days, with an evolution of topics and practical applications to a test case study. Subsequent days have been devoted to managing seismic data flow; to understanding seismic records and noise properties; to basics for simulation of the wavefield; to numerical methods to solve the wave equation; and to seismic models and their relation with data.

The afternoon practicals followed the topics of each morning, and described an application to the real case of Northern Italy — in fact, the region we could see just outside our windows. Trainees learned to use a number of modern public-domain tools, coherently applied to retrieve and analyse data, forward-model synthetic seismograms, and evaluate and validate seismic models of the earth. The program was very full, and also included two evening sessions.