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3rd TIDES Training School – Oxford – 10-14 July 2017


2nd TIDES Training School – Sesimbra – 19-23 September 2016

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MSNoise Training School – Vienna – 23-25 April 2016

Softwares used: MSNoise

1st TIDES Training School – Bertinoro – 1-5 June 2015





If TIDES gave you support, or in any way you feel that TIDES activities were useful for your work, it would be highly appreciated if you could acknowledge it in your publications.

You could write a sentence like:

I/we acknowledge support from/discussions within TIDES COST Action ES1401.“(or as you feel appropriate).

COST must also orally be acknowledged during all news media interviews, conferences and events where COST Action representatives give a public presentation or participate to a session or panel.